SKYN3T Configuration

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E-Mail Configuration


   Outgoing Server (SMTP) - with STARTTLS
   Incoming Server (IMAP) - with SSL/TLS
   AUTH - Normal Password
   IMAP mail can be accessed through the web interface at

Mumble Configuration

Download mumble here

   Install and open mumble.
   In the "Mumble Server Connect" Box
   Click the "Add New..." button.
   In the "Address" box type
   In the "Port" box leave the port at the default value of 64738
   In the "Username" box type in a username containing 2-15 characters with only letters, numbers or underscores (No spaces).
   In the "Label" box type SKYN3T.
   Click the "OK" button.
   Highlight SKYN3T and click the "Connect" Button.

XMPP Clients

Download and install an XMPP client of your choice.

Register an account on SKYN3T

Join the SKYN3T group chat (optional)

IRC Configuration

   Port: 6697 (SSL)

Channel: #Lobby

Electrum Configuration

Download the electrum client from

Go through the setup and create or add your bitcoin wallet. 
In the top bar go to Tools > Network and uncheck "Select Server Automatically". 
Add in the server box.

Single node configuration (More Secure Method)

On Windows:

  • Show hidden files
  • Go to \Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Electrum (or %APPDATA%\Electrum)

On Mac:

  • Open Finder
  • Go to folder (shift+cmd+G) and type ~/.electrum

On Linux:

  • Home Folder
  • Go -> Location and type ~/.electrum
Edit the "config" file and add  "oneserver": true, 

Git Configuration

To save credentials


   git config --global credential.helper store


   git pull

provide a username and password and those details will then be remembered later.

Archive Directory Downloads

Using wget

   wget -m -np -c --progress=dot:mega --tries=0 -w 2 -R "index.html*" ""